Who We Are


Centaro Family

Damiana – Mother and Chef
Pino – Father and Master of the house
Carlotta – Daughter and Manager
Cosimo – Son, Inventor and Chef
Gianluca – Son and Factotum
olanda – Daughter-in-law and Chef

We have always believed in the potentialities of our territory, actually the idea for a restaurant in the old town was already born in 1997, when Cosimo, at the time engaged in the restoration works of Barletta Cathedral, fell in love with the magic you already felt in the air at that period. His love materialized on July 7, 2004 when Cosimo himself bought the place where nowadays you can find Brezza Marina Restaurant.

The name “Brezza Marina” was chosen by Pino, father of the family, and Gianluca during a business trip, while they were on a ferry-boat, caressed by that same breeze you can feel on cool summer nights in the old town of Barletta.

The culinary intervention of Damiana, the mother of the family, at the time working as chef in the city fire station, led Brezza Marina to become a successful reality in the local restaurants panorama.

Since 2016, also thanks to Carlotta’s contribution, we have decided to carry on the culture of hospitality opening the doors of our Bed & Breakfast to you. It has been a little bit as opening our home doors. Welcome to Brezza Marina, where hospitality is a family business!

Welcome to Brezza Marina, where hospitality is a family business!

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